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All Fall Down

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June 5, 2012
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loucarey's picture

Any chance you'll be visiting Asheville, NC anytime soon?

Annees's picture

I love the fall down album while you have done very well job however in this have to share you great content which student also like it.

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david100's picture

Really enjoyed the recent tour with Mary CC - I would be great if they issued a cd together.

sea_fan's picture

Dream Concert.....Ms.Colvin, Patty Griffin and Buddy at Pappy and Harriets, Pioneer Town, Joshua Tree CA!

skimmity's picture

Shawn Colvin's first album "Steady On," is one of the finest debut albums in music history. Every subsequent album is a joy, and she goes from strength-to-strength as an artist - truly remarkable, brilliant, and breath taking.

laszlo's picture

Your literary ballad of a modern Anne Boleyn is so sensitive and many times true, but we know, however her feelings are eternal in everyone's heart by your beautiful song! Thanks Shawn!

imasuperball's picture

loves the new album!!! shawn colvin is soooo damn talented